Beauty & Brains Tee Boutique was established in 2016. It all started from the Black Women are Smart tee which was influenced by the U.S. Census statistic that black women are the most educated group in the United States by race and gender. The findings were amazing and she felt a t-shirt was the perfect way to show pride and 24 shirts were sold in a week. The statistic fit the bill of The Head Beauty in Charge (H.B.I.C,), Lysha Fuqua, an Oakland, CA native. She received her B.A. in Speech and Communication from San Francisco State University and her Master’s in Public Administration from Cal State East Bay. Her education and belief that “you can’t just be cute to get by, but also you must be smart” is what influenced the name Beauty & Brains. Lysha’s biggest motivator is her two children and the support received from family and friends. Her 10 year old daughter Skye has a big influence on the Beauty & Brains brand, so much that she finalize the color of the logo and was the inspiration behind the Happy Hair shirt and later she hopes to come up with t-shirt ideas for kids. Her son Max is 3 years old and is busy jumping on beds, so he’s not yet ready to contribute to the family business.

Beauty & Brains’ Tee Boutique is aiming to create shirts with statements that are prideful, yet versatile enough to worn to church, work, school, a night out on the town or simply just a day out and about.The goal is to be part of every smart and beautiful woman’s wardrobe.